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Japanese 4x4 Mini-Trucks

japanese mini truck

Stoltzfus Engine Repair is offering a fully customized utility vehicle.

These mini-trucks were imported from Japan after having served a few years as short-haul delivery vehicles. From this platform, Stoltzfus Engine Repair restores and reconditions the framework of these mini-trucks to better-than-new condition - ready for you, the buyer, to customize. These mini-trucks are great for the farmer or your hunting camp! With a wider range of options than a Gator or UTV, working around home or the farm has never been easier!

Mini cargo trucks that double as ATVs are being used by farmers, ranchers, hunters, college campuses, maintenance facilities, produce and fruit farmers, golf courses, landscapers and quarries.

A typical Japanese Mini-Truck 4x4 pickup has a 6 ft by 52 3/4 inch load bed with fold-down sides and tailgate which converts it into a flatbed truck. It is capable of hauling round bales of hay, driving into the barn for feeding or hauling anything for cattle, pigs, or poultry. Produce and fruit farmers find the trucks fit between the rows of vegetables or fruit trees.

Features include full cab interior heating and AC as well as high fuel efficiency - up to 45 miles per gallon!

Here are just a few customization options available to you:

  • Lift Kits
  • Custom Wheels
  • Custom Tires
  • Custom Graphics/Paint
  • Tow Hitches
  • Various Truck Bed Options
  • Plow Attachments
  • 4x4 Conversion Kits
  • Lighting Kits
  • Winches and Other Utility Attachments

Each customization is hand-crafted using the highest quality components and materials in order to ensure that your custom Japanese mini-truck will last you for many years to come.

These Japanese mini-trucks are for off-road use only.